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Children's Ministry Songs and Videos

The Orange Children’s Ministry videos and songs are available on YouTube.  Each week, Parent Cue uploads the current videos and content.  There are three videos available each week: Preschoolers, Kids, and Preteens.  The Ollie content is in the Preschoolers video, the Bible Story is in the Kids video, and the So-and-So Show is in the Preteens video. 

Click here to view the videos.

You can also watch the video in the Parent Cue app, which is available from Google Play or the App Store.   

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Resources on Racial Reconciliation

We understand that one of the most difficult and most important set of conversations you will have with you family are those about racial reconciliation.  We've put together a list of resources to help you navigate those conversations. 

Resources for Kids

First Baptist Church

Additional Resources

Here are some resources designed specifically for families with children in preschool and grade school!

Parent Cue App: This app allows you to create a profile for each of your kids and contains ideas on how to integrate the videos into you daily routine.  Download from Google Play or the App Store

Devotional Books: Here are a couple great devotional books you can read together as a family. 

Feeling lost or overwhelmed?  Or looking for something for your particular family needs?  Just contact us and let us know