Our Children's ministry utilizes the Truth 78 cirriculum for our Sunday School classes from the nursery through 6th grade.


Our goals are to:

  • Instruct our children on the bible's breadth and depth.
  • Present the fullness of the costly gospel that saves.
  • Create disciples of Jesus who love him supremely.
  • Encourage hope and joy in all things aspects of life.




We have a nursery that runs during the 9:00 am service for children 0-3.


Following the 9 am service is our Sunday School hour. We firmly believe that no age is unworthy or is too unimportant to learn about the God we serve and who made us. So, even in our 0-pre-k class, our children recieve timeless truths made simple in their lesson to help begin building upon a solid foundation for the future.

K-2nd Grade


A foundations class where our students are taught things regarding the attributes of God, his character, and the redemptive story of the gospel. We seek to help them answer questions like: "Who is God?" "What is God like?" and "How should this make me act toward Him and toward others?" Here we seek to give our children a foundational awe of God that drives them deeper into His loving arms.

3rd - 6th Grade


Here is where we build upon the foundation of God's character and atributes by taking things deeper. Here our children learn about further doctrinal concepts. "What is salvation?" "What does it mean to be made in God's image?" "What is sanctification?" All these and more truths are developed upon with a high focus on God's Word as the final authority for faith and practice.

7th grade - High School


Our teens meet, similarly to our Life Groups following the service, to answer questions and discuss the sermon content in ways that apply to them directly in their context. Here, iron sharpens iron and students get the opportunity to learn and discuss practical Christian living and deeper matters of doctrine and faith as found in the Word of God.