First Baptist Church

Love Your Enemies

This Sunday, we explored Matthew 5:43-48 and discussed the idea of loving your enemies.  


During the Children’s moment, we played this video and provided some follow-up questions to spark some discussion at home.  


What is an enemy?
Why is it hard to love our enemies?
Who is your enemy? How can you love them?
Are you someone's enemy?
What does loving your enemy have to do with peace? With courage? With patience?


In his message, Gary Brown presented several thought-provoking examples.  If you missed the service, you can watch the message here.  

“This is the supreme command. Through the medium of prayer, we go to our enemy, we stand by his side, and we plead to God for him.”
-Deitrich Bonhoeffer

“Prayer is the forerunner of mercy.”
-Charles Spurgeon

“We cannot go on hating another man in the presence of God. The surest way of killing bitterness is to pray for the man we are tempted to hate.” 
-William Barclay

For the benediction, Gary used a portion of a sermon delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. on November 17, 1957 entitled “Love your Enemies.”